Love Is
By Diane Adams
Illustrated by Claire Keane

Perfect for Valentine's Day—or any tender moment—this story of a girl and a duckling who share a touching year together will melt hearts old and young. In this tenderly funny book, girl and duckling grow in their understanding of what it is to care for each other, discovering that love is as much about letting go as it is about holding tight. Children and parents together will adore this fond exploration of growing up while learning about the joys of love offered and love returned.  Love Is is an Book of the Month.


Tips for New Writers

People always ask me how I became a writer. It was a long learning process, and I hope that by sharing these tips with you, it will be a little bit easier. Hope these help.
  1. Buy The Children’s Writers and Illustrator’s Guide.
    This book lists the names and addresses of publishers, art directors, and agents. It also tells you what style of writing or art they're looking for, and if they accept unagented material. A must have.
  2. Join the SCBWI - Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.
    The SCBWI is a professional organization that sends out a bi-monthly newsletter about the publishing industry. It also hosts national and international conferences that bring in top writers, illustrators, publishers and agents. It's a great way to make contacts.
  3. Take writing or illustration classes at local colleges.
  4. Visit libraries and children’s book stores. Read as many children’s books as possible. Find out what’s out there, and what isn’t. Ask teachers and librarians what subjects aren‘t covered. Maybe there’s a niche you can fill.
  5. Join a writer’s group or create your own.
  6. Revise. Revise. Revise.
  7. Submit. Submit. Submit.
  8. Always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your manuscript.
  9. Send in a one page letter with your manuscript, describing the story in two to three sentences. Tell about yourself in two to three sentences, including anything special you’ve done in your life. Don’t be afraid to say that this is your first manuscript. Thank the publisher for his/her time and include contact information. Be prepared to wait 6 – 8 weeks for a response.
  10. Never give up. Writing is personal. If one publisher doesn’t like it, another one just might. Be creative. Have fun. This is an adventure that you won’t regret.



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